Acrylic Facemounted Patents at Pella

Beyond branding and office décor, artwork can reveal the past and pride therein of a business. This was the case when Kristin Scholten, Product Specialist at Merchandise Mart’s Pella Showroom, looked into options to educate showroom visitors about their company and product history. “We function as a lecture hall, gallery space, and retail store. When you walk through the doors, you can learn anything you want to know about windows and doors.”

Pella’s long history of staying ahead of the curve in the door and window game is evident in a series of patents Kristin chose to put on display using Artmill’s Acrylic Facemounts. Her goal was to make apparent the legacy of innovation within the lifetime of the company. “There is a long history of innovation within Pella that not many people know about. They may know that Pella has been around a long time, but we wanted a way to highlight our innovation over the years.”

With over 140 patents under their company’s belt, forty significant and graphic patents were hand-selected to tell the story of Pella’s technological developments. Those tell Pella’s story through the invention of hardware, sash construction, or grilles between the window panes. “There’s a lot of innovation within windows and doors and we want people to know what products Pella was responsible for first. One way we’ve done that is featuring how Pella found it’s start, with the original design of the Rolscreen® retractable screen which premiered in 1925.”

“What was really impressive was the professional communication back and forth and sending of the samples. Once we saw it, we knew we wanted to do black and white.” The 8 ½” x 11” acrylic facemounted black-printed patents were locally installed in the Pella Chicago showroom in a 5x8 bold gallery wall configuration. The unique presentation of black and white patents have been well received by the showroom’s visitors and Pella Corporation employees from across the country. “The excitement around this patent wall is evident and we look forward to sharing our Pella passion with this informative and artistic showcase."