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Floatmount Project Boards for Spicer Engineering

Where can you find office art for your renovated office? For Summer Streeter, Graphic Designer at Spicer Engineering, it was as easy as turning cell phone photos taken by their employees into floatmount art. Residing in Sauginaw, Michigan for seventy-five years, the company found their current office undergoing improvements and they needed new artwork to spruce up the space. “First, it was proposed we put up abstract artwork that didn’t really relate to the company.”

Not wanting to settle, they had a reliable source of branded photos available from their own Construction Inspectors’ cell phones. “We decided to do project boards. They’re all projects that Spicer has done.”

Spicer Engineering works on a variety of civil engineering projects, ranging from building water towers, highways, and parks. Summer is familiar with mocking up the project boards of their completed constructions, but wanted to elevate the look of their office art. When she learned about Artmill’s option to floatmount photos, she felt that was the option that would turn their project boards into ready to hang art.

“Usually we mount them on gatorboard and have them framed. We were really excited to find beautiful quality floatmounts at an ideal price point on Artmill.” Summer and her company ended up ordering ten 40”x30” pieces of floutmounted project boards. “The final products were a more impressive and modern display than regular glass and metal framing. The quality is just beautiful. It’s seamless, absolutely perfect.”

The floatmounts were installed along the length of a long upstairs hallway in their building. She is designing additional vertical boards to deck out the walls of the building’s recently remodeled, second floor office space.