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Restaurateur Creates Custom, Large Format Artwork for Her Latest Restaurant

Images by: Joseph Leute Photography

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Jackie Morse, Owner - MACS Macaroni and Cheese Shop

I grew up in the restaurant business as did my husband. Our father’s both owned different restaurants in nearby towns and my grandfather ran a place where our MACS location in the Wisconsin Dells is now. Although we both went to school for something different (me, interior design and Nick, business), we decided to follow in our family's footsteps and start our own restaurant. The design and feel has been really important to us the whole time. The kids pictured in the photos in the restaurants are a mix of nephews, friend's kids, cousin's kids, and our son. It was our vision to creatively capture the kids eating our all-time favorite comfort food, Mac and Cheese, as well as other items on our menu. They turned out pretty darn cool thanks to our photographer, Joey Leute, and of course Artmill.

As such, I needed to find a place that could handle the printing of high quality large format photos for our third restaurant. I found Artmill while doing some research online for places that could handle large format 3’ x 4’ photos. After reviewing your website, I knew you’d be my go-to. You accommodated my quick turnaround time and made the whole process simple. From start to finish, you were helpful, reliable and had the best quality I could find. We’re excited to work with you again for our next project coming up later this summer!

Images by: Joseph Leute Photography


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