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Modern Acrylic Standoffs for the Office

As a designer serving the needs of her growing corporate client, Heidi Arwine searched for a cost-effective and modern framing alternative. She owns Heidi Arwine Interiors, a residential and commercial design firm in Dallas that designs, builds, and manages for all of their projects. Her firm has been in business for over fifteen years and in that time they have mostly decorated with printed canvas, so she was looking for something unique. Heidi found the ideal combination of cost-effective, quality product through Artmill. “I wanted something sleek and contemporary. I wanted the acrylic standoff.”

Her client, a private equity firm, deals heavily with oil derricks, so the art in the entryway showcases that side of their business. The project also included images from the client’s personal photos of his family’s safari trip last summer, which were used to decorate his office. The client came to her personally and asked Heidi to feature his photos using the same product as the oil derricks. “Everyone who has seen the artwork has said ‘oh my gosh those are so cool.’”

“Our order came impeccably packed. I don’t think anything could even move around. Everything was packed very well.” Both Heidi and her assistant said they had a great experience using Artmill for this project. Despite her not being the most tech savvy, Heidi found Artmill’s ordering process very easy to use. “Ultimately, I had to upload the images myself and no one had to step in to help, so I’d say it was pretty user friendly."