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32" x 48" Gallery Acrylic Facemount
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Nick Ulivieri, Owner - Nick Ulivieri Photography

What sparked your passion for photography?

I’ve always been creative and was using crayons, colored pencils, and markers before I could talk or even walk. Throughout my primary education, I took lots of art classes and always had a passion for creation. In college, I decided to major in Chemistry (long story). When that didn’t work out, I transferred schools and switched my major to marketing. After graduating, I joined a small advertising firm working in their PR department…a field that’s somewhat creative, but one I wasn’t totally in love with. Then in 2009, my dad (who is a born and raised in​ Ital​y​) took my family there to see the sites and visit our relatives.

I volunteered to be the family photographer and the rest is history. I enjoyed it so much that when I got back (to Chicago)…that was all I wanted to do. I was doing it all the time and it was all I could think about. For me, it became pretty obvious: I left the field of PR and started my own photography business in 2010.


Tell us a little more about how you turned your passion into your career.

My first paid photography project was for a family friend heading up a plaza reconstruction project on Michigan Avenue. He needed images of the project's progress, so I started stopping by the construction site a few times a week and fell in love with the thought of being a self-employed photographer. Soon after, I quit my job at the agency, took a risk, and started Nick Ulivieri Photography. I’ve focused mostly on architecture and cityscape type photo projects. I do a lot of work with developers/architects, interior designers, and Chicago's cultural institutions (360 CHICAGO, Navy Pier, Adler Planetarium, to name a few)

Another major aspect of my work is aerial helicopter photography. It's challenging and disorienting at times, but it's one of the best, most exhilarating ways to create imagery from a very unique perspective in three dimensional space.

We've worked together on a few projects, which one stands out the most?

The permanent installation we did for Wolf Point West’s leasing center is my favorite. We did three really big, beautiful Gallery Acrylic Facemounts, and over a dozen black and white Floatmounts.

Months before the print job, I convinced the building’s project managers to allow me access to the recently topped-off roof to take photos of the cityscape and views. They liked the imagery so much, they engaged me to create high-end artwork for the building’s soon-to-be-opened leasing center and you (Artmill) immediately came to mind.

For one, you're a local Chicago company with a high quality product that I knew I could stand behind. Second, you are one of the most professional places I’ve produced artwork with; providing consistent updates on the progress of the project, showing high attention to the details as well as print quality, and you guys are totally personal. It’s great to have a direct line of communication with the team producing the final product - for me, that means a lot. With an end product so sleek, it always sells itself. I can’t wait for our next project!


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32" x 48" Gallery Acrylic Facemount
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