Acrylic Facemounts Give an Ancient City a New Life

If you make a once in a lifetime journey, it’s not out of the ordinary to want to immortalize your trip with photos. When those photos turn out as beautifully as those of our recent client, it’s worth turning those into a Gallery Acrylic Facemount art that commemorates your travels. Our client had the chance to travel on an around the world trip with her mother, with a stop at Petra in Jordan. Petra is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, once existing as a flourishing ancient trade hub. As she hiked toward the city and emerged from a narrow corridor of rock called the Siq, the first building she peered upon was the façade of Al Khazna or “The Treasury.” She captured her first glimpses of this architectural treasure with her iPhone 8 Plus.

“Suddenly you make the last turn and you don’t realize that the gorge opens up into this view. I took two different images, one with a blue sky and one with this golden light during sunrise. The rock formation is this beautiful gold depending on the light.” Petra, a Nabatean city with its beginnings dated around the First Century B.C. is also known as The Rose-Red City for the warm tones of the architecture and surrounding rock. “For me it was one of the most extraordinary, breathtaking places that I had ever been.”

It wasn’t until a recent move into a new space that our client, with the help of her friend Mark Macrides, chose these two travel photos to print. “We were looking at my blank twelve-foot-tall ceilings and Mark looked at these photos and said that the photos of The Treasury were incredible and should be blown up.”

“The process was easy and the support team was really helpful.” They found Artmill and worked closely with our team to make sure the size and print quality were perfect. Using both shots we created individual 30” x 40” Gallery Acrylic Facemounted prints to adorn the client’s massive wall space. The Acrylic Facemounts now hang in her living room on either side of the room’s threshold. “It’s a bright room with lots of light, so we chose non-glare. The work Artmill did was fantastic. I was thrilled that this kind of thing can look so good. They’re my featured pieces.”