Tranquil Acrylic Facemounts for a Spa

The growth of the Wisconsin Dells is inextricably linked to its main river. Joseph Leute, a Dells local and fine art photographer, has spent much of his energy shooting the landscape of the river. He draws his motivation from another famous Wisconsin-based photographer, “The Dells became famous when photographer H.H. Bennett chose the Dells and the Wisconsin River as his subject. Before the Dells were marketed as a waterpark destination, everyone came for the river and it was his photos that drove people here.”

Joseph shoots photography for clients in the tourism and travel industry. Recently we collaborated with him on a project for the Sundara Inn & Spa. The spa’s owner lives in the Dells and possesses a fondness for the Wisconsin River, so when choosing new wall art for his spa he leaned into this interest as a motif within the design. The interior of the spa is intended to be tranquil upon entering. Tucked away in the woods near the Dells, the interior design blends with nature, motivating the choice to display large format photos of the iconic river. “Because he lives on the river and loves the river, he decided to fill the walls with large landscapes.”

Joseph captured the photos on his full frame Nikon while dedicating most of his time staking out shots along the shore of the Wisconsin River. Knowing they wanted to feature large scale photos, he and the spa owner ultimately selected the Acrylic Facemount through Artmill for its gallery aesthetic as well as our ability to create large, custom photo prints.

“The size and scale was something I hadn’t done before. Working with Ben and Mat put me at ease. They were very thorough.” Our experts assisted Joseph through the entire process, from determining the product style and sizes to scheduling installation in the Wisconsin Dells. “I immediately felt comfortable with them. I could trust how they prepped the files for such large sizes.”

We printed and mounted eleven Gallery Acrylic Facemounted photos ranging in size from as large as 60” x 120” to 39” x 58”. After our team delivered and installed the Gallery Acrylic Facemounts, the spa staff shared their first reactions, “Feedback for the final install was instant and positive. Staff members were taking photos of the pictures after they went up and only two days after they were installed, customers of the spa were asking how to purchase them.”