Travel Photos Transform as Office Artwork

Alfredo Diez has worked for MTM, Inc. as their Creative Director for over eight years, but has been exploring his enthusiasm for photography since 2002. He first dove into photography while creating catalogs for his own design studio in Madrid. The high cost of product photography spurred him to shoot their product photography internally. “At the time, digital photography was becoming semi-affordable. I asked my dad, who was a photographer, for tips, bought a DSLR and lights, and started doing product photography on my own.”

As his skills have grown, so has MTM as a company. In recent years MTM’s owners decided to expand by moving into a new, larger space and redesigning it to fit their company culture. As the design was tied together by CEO Alaina Macia, Alfredo, and their architects, Alaina suggested they decorate with Alfredo’s photography, “She liked that they were linked by the common theme of one author.”

Tasked with choosing office art from his large portfolio of photos, his decisions stemmed from serving the workspace and finding the best photos to compliment the office environments. “I took into account the ambiance and matched the personality of the art to the different offices.”

The resulting selection of photos reflected a mix from Alfredo’s personal travels and corporate photography. A couple office favorites include a black and white shot of artists working late into the night along Plaza Mayor in Madrid as well as a canted photo of the CTA train in Chicago’s loop. Once the photos were selected, it was a matter of choosing the ideal product.

“We printed with you guys and the result was amazing. Every visitor comments on the quality of the prints and how nice everything looks. It’s very refreshing.” The Gallery Acrylic Facemounts he chose were upgraded to include 1/8” TruLife Acrylic with the largest piece of art measuring 70x46” and the smallest 16x24”. Alfredo commented that he likes the simplicity of a frameless look.  “There are no interruptions to the photograph. The TruLife offsets it from the surroundings and makes it pop. It’s recommendable to go up to that next step in quality.”