Unique Acrylic Facemounts of the Colorado Wilderness

Living in Northern Colorado, it would be hard to not appreciate the epic nature of your environment. Outdoor and landscape photographer Tony Bouchard takes full advantage of his surroundings by making frequent trips into the wilderness to capture the beauty of the area. He began by teaching himself how to achieve specific looks by analyzing others’ photos and has been photographing Rocky Mountain National park for about fifteen years. “I saw photos that other people took and wondered how do I get those? They’re walking in and staking out that spot at sunrise. If I want to make the same level of images, that’s what I have to do. I had this realization. I got into the habit of getting up and on the trail to my spot before sunrise.”

Tony’s background as an engineer informs the level of pre-planning that goes into his shots. In the case of his photo Milky Way Over Alberta Falls, it took extensive planning ahead using astronomy apps in addition to calculating the angle of composition and hoping the weather would be clear enough to see the stars. The foreground waterfall and trees were completely dark when he photographed this scene and the visibility of the environment is a result of the use of multiple lights, both a fixed LED light and a specialized flashlight. He estimated having photographed the scene about thirty times, experimenting with different ways to locate and balance the lights.

While he had discovered that there's less of a time constraint and often less crowds when shooting over Bear Lake at sunrise, he captured this image on his Canon 5DS R during sunset in Autumn. Tony estimates that he bouldered at least one hundred feet to capture the meshing of vibrant aspens, boulders, and mountains hunched over the lake. This is just one example of many occasions when he’s worked to get this shot. “I’ve maybe shot this spot twenty to thirty times over the years.”

The reason he chose Artmill is because of the modern look of our Gallery Acrylic Facemounts. He was impressed with the freedom of image sizing while exploring our website. After receiving and opening his packages Tony felt like our prints met his expectations of how the colors would turn out. “The colors looks right on to what I expected.”