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USA Rugby Creates Office Artwork from Archival Rugby Images

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James Snyder - USA Rugby

A friend of mine convinced me to try Rugby in college at The University of Connecticut. After playing a few times, I was hooked and fell in love with the game. After a few years living in New York, I relocated to Colorado and everything seemed to fall together when I heard about a job opening at USA Rugby. I switched gears and joined a company that does something that I love – it was all just happenstance.

Recently, we moved offices and needed something clean and sharp to help enhance our space. USA Rugby has a great archive filled with both old and new photo of kids, women, men playing rugby…really cool visual content. And that was the genesis for the idea: use what we have to decorate our space. Since I had used Artmill before for personal projects and had numerous great successes, it occurred to me that I could use Artmill’s products in our office.

Since Artmill offers some of the highest quality around, I knew we’d be in good hands for our large format photos. We ended up doing mostly 27" x 36" pieces throughout the office. Artmill’s products for us at USA Rugby are beautiful – truly the highest quality and one of the most efficient processes I’ve used to ‘create’ art of my own. You over-performed and the product exceeded my expectations in full. That so rarely happens any more…so thanks. I’m excited to order from you again.

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