Standard Pricing (sizes below in inches)

5x7 8x10 11x14 16x20 20x24 20x30 24x30 24x36 30x40 36x48 40x60 48x72 60x120
Plaquemount $19 $25 $35 $59 $82 $99 $116 $136 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

The above is a short list of sizes. For custom and larger sizes, please click here for the custom sizes calculator.

Created with simplicity and
affordability in mind

Various sizes allow you to effectively fill space while our competitive prices will fit any budget. The beveled edge's slight angle adds a sliver of color around your image, and with different color choices you can find the best option to accentuate your art. Our plaquemounts are the cheapest and most basic option but offer a great start to your artwork collection.

Given its weight and composition, the maximum size you can choose for the Plaquemount product is 864 square inches; at larger sizes, the Floatmount, Flushmount or Gallery Boxframe are more suitable products.

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See the Plaquemount in 360 Degrees
Plaquemount - Photo on Wood Plaque

A matte, UV non-glare film applied to face of print.

Print mounted to 3/8” high-density particleboard.

1/8" beveled edge and finished in a choice of 8 colors.

Special groove in back for easy hanging.