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Branded Office Art for Navitas

Ken Sanders, the Chief Marketing Officer at Navitas, needed a way to show off their company’s branding and products. Artmill helps businesses and individuals alike find images and make the art they need, so this was the set-up for a perfect collaboration.

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Travel Photos Transform as Office Artwork

Choosing office artwork can be a heavy task, but Alfredo of MTM, Inc. lifted the load with help from our experts at Artmill.

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Medline: Office Art & Company Culture

There is a real wow factor when walking into the expansive Medline building. It’s apparent that this company has a strong understanding of “who” it is. When we received the call to create and install a company timeline for Medline, it was a clear opportunity for our businesses to help them further strengthen their company culture.

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The Kinsley Group on Display

David Kinsley and marketing director Patti Stewkesbury decided they wanted to display photos of past installations, they turned to their employees’ photographic eye and to represent their work.

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The Street Art of Hub116

Vincent Flaska is a local Chicagoan through and through. Considering his family business's history in the city, it makes sense that he wanted to find a way to support local companies.

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